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Raja Manchou plate (as listed on ebay) Raja Manchou plates

Raja Manchou plate (above; as offered on eBay)

Finding the Plates

Strang called together four of the most honest and respected men of the community. He disclosed his vision and led them to an oak tree on a nearby hillside. Strang noted the men would find a case of rude earthenware buried under the tree at a depth of about three feet. He instructed them to dig up the case and, while they were doing so, examine the ground closely so they would know the case had been buried there before the tree grew up. Strang kept entirely away while the men were digging.

The tree, which had a trunk about one foot in diameter, was surrounded by a patch of deeply rooted grass, and the men could not see any indication the sod had been cut through or disturbed. The roots from the tree struck down on every side and were closely interspersed with the roots from other trees. None of them had been broken or cut away. The men carefully dug up the tree and continued to dig to a depth of three feet, where they found a case of slightly baked clay. Over the case was a flat stone about one foot wide and three inches thick, which appeared to have been subjected to a fire. The case was embedded in clay that was so hard-packed, it broke when removed. The earth below it was so hard, it had to be dug with a pickaxe.